What are the types of building materials and what are their uses?

Main building materials used in construction

The type of building material used and its quality is one major factor that should be given special attention during the construction of any building. There are different types of materials involved in this process. Bricks are used to construct walls, pathways and parking areas etc. of the building whereas aluminium is used when the window frames are made for the building. In order to make floors and strengthen the walls of the building, people prefer to make use of concrete for this purpose. Fiber cement sheeting is used for the purpose of cladding and glass is used to make doors, windows, bricks and skylights etc. Moreover, for making walls and floor of the building, mudbrick can also be used because it is long lasting in nature. Walls can be lined with plasterboard and plastic is used in the making of gutters, water pipes, window frames, and floor and also covers the walls of the building. Apart from these materials, steel, wood, granite and timber are also used commonly.

What are the advantages of using these materials of good quality?

If the industrial material used in the building is of good quality, it can survive for a long period and protect the building from different sorts of damages. Advantages of using these materials are that some of them such as aluminium can be recycled and used again and hence allows company to save money. Concrete can protect the building from any probable damage inflicted by earthquakes and floods, etc. and it is strong and durable in nature. Fiber cement sheeting does not cost much but has important thermal assets. If proper glass and plastic is used, it can last for a long time, is stable and efficient and protects the building from water and different insects and pests. Steel and timber can be used again i.e. they are recyclable, can last for several years and cannot be damaged easily. Mudbrick allows the building to be protected from pests and even fire. Hence, it can be said that the combined effect of the type of building material used is that the building can be strong and be able to avoid the damage inflicted upon with through passage of time, pollution and natural disasters. Not only will it be better for the building but also will protect the lives of those people who work in that building. This shows the need to make use of the building materials that provides benefits for all.

Possible disadvantages of these materials

Aluminium can be damaging for the environment whereas production of bricks require the use of resources that are nonrenewable in nature. Concrete releases greenhouse gases that may damage the ozone layer and production of glass requires a lot of energy to be used. Mudbrick may cause inefficient insulation whereas plastic pollutes the environment and uses a lot of energy. So does steel and timber, which causes damage to the environment and are costly in nature. This shows that even though the type of building material determines the extent to which the building might be able to resist damage, the materials used within the building construction might themselves inflict damage to the environment as well as people.


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